So Vanna and I followed the rainbow to its end and arrived in Vanuatu…

It’s an amazing place but supplies can be limited. If you are interested in sending us, or our community, care packages  we would like to say THANK YOU. It really means a lot. We’ve made a list to help those who are curious.

If you do send us something, padded envelopes seem to be the best form of packaging and any type of Bible verses or religious writing on the outside helps ensure safe delivery but isn’t a must.

Our address can be found on the Contact Page and below

Vanna Kealy/ Marc Botero

Peace Corps Vanuatu

P.O. Box 203

Luganville, Santo

Republic of Vanuatu

South Pacific

Marc & Vanna 

  • Sour patch kids / American snacks
  • Friendship bracelet materials
  • Spices
  • Toiletries
  • Tea tree oil
  • Pictures of what is going on at home (print outs)
  • Flash drives with movies/TV shows/ good music
  • Day pack similar in size to a REI flashpack (Vanna’s is on the way out)
  • Hammock repair kit
  • Small individual wrapped chocolate
  • Dark red wine (Malbec)
  • Encouraging letters
  • Youth group/small group ideas/materials


  • World Map Puzzle
  • Encyclopedias