This page will display projects that I am currently working on.

Currently I am in the middle of finding funding for a new (and very badly needed) preschool, as well as, helping out struggling students in English, and training our new librarian!

There is a current need for phonetics education, Bislama resources, and support for the new preschool.

I am currently working with teachers designing programs that will introduce English words to students starting at the beginning of primary school.

I have began a Christ-centered Yoga class for women. We are currently piloting with teachers and boarding students. The aim is to include women from the surrounding communities and to offer other classss to youth and males who may also benefit. 

My school is preparing to fundraise for, and build, a preschool for the teachers and surrounding communities. Please keep this process in your prayers, without it many teachers will have to transfer to different communities where their children can receive early childhood education.

If anyone has expertise in these areas please contact me.