The Joy of Riding in the Back of Trucks

It is much like life; the sheltered have much comfort but those who dare to put themselves in the elements enjoy this world and enjoy each other. They have the much better ride.

Our Home in the South Pacific

We arrived to our island of Santo on July 4, 2017. I found it very fitting that we started our next part of this journey with one of my favorite holidays.  We are now celebrating the independence of Vanuatu. We are coming up on a month of being here and wanted to share some of [...]

Pele’s Pacific Sonatas

After wokabaot week finished, our education team shifted gears and arrived on the island of Pele. Pele has four villages- Peliora, Lanamoa, Warasivu, and Wariaru. Our group of 21 volunteers was divided up between the first three villages. Upon our arrival, we were introduced to our host families. for Vanna and I our parents were [...]

Epau- Take 2

After Cyclone Donna passed it was determined that groups would return to their original host villages instead of trading right away. This meant our group would return to Epau.  Before TC Donna, Marc was sick pretty much every day, everyone was missing western food and talking about their "sit sit wata" due to aelan kakae [...]