Our Home in the South Pacific

We arrived to our island of Santo on July 4, 2017. I found it very fitting that we started our next part of this journey with one of my favorite holidays.  We are now celebrating the independence of Vanuatu. We are coming up on a month of being here and wanted to share some of our new home with all our friends and family. Love you guys so much!!!

The view when you walk into the house. Our cute little puppy Fatman is on the mat I made in Pele and our new yoga wall freshly painted at the back.

Pictures of our loved ones for that little reminder of home and encouragement

A view of our kitchen with more photos of loved ones.

Our dinning area (right) and entrance to the kitchen (left). The door to the bathroom (back)

The kitchen. We have a gas stove. The two bowls are for washing and rinsing dishes.

This is the bathroom and nursery (seedlings). It is so great that its inside! The first door is the shower. The second is the toilet. Its even flushes! 

Our guest bedroom. Come visit!

The main bedroom. Baxter the Wolf made the trip 🙂

Our closet

Our bush kitchen. Yes, we do cook in here (sometimes lol)

The beginning of our garden

Our new nursery!

Our new pets. Fatman (puppy) and Skairdi (kitty)
This is the end of our tour 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed our little piece of paradise.


3 thoughts on “Our Home in the South Pacific

  1. I so enjoy and look forward to your posts and pictures! What an adventure! I know with your sweet heart God is truly blessing everyone you meet!! Sending big ole hugs to you. Vanna, if you ever need anything, please let me know. I’m old and still remember how to use our mail system. Ha ha. Love you sweetie! Cathy


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